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A Recruiters Survival Guide to Working at Home

From March the UK government introduced lockdown and it’s nothing new to say that it’s safer for people to work from home if they can. But with the restrictions easing then more coming back into play last week, what exactly can recruiters do to co-exist with the constantly changing rules the government has set out?

Obviously we are in uncharted waters so everyone in the recruitment industry might be a bit worried about what to do next. The key thing to remember is to think smart and plan for not only the immediate future, but for the long term.

Ensure you are set up correctly

According to Gartner research “48% of employees will likely work remotely at least part of the time after the COVID-19 pandemic.” This tells us that ‘quick work from home’ fixes aren’t going to cut it when it comes to ensuring staff have sufficient equipment and access from home. From the get-go ensure your staff are set up correctly, Whether that’s offering zoom training for upcoming video interviews, or setting up a cloud-based CRM on home based work machines. Enabling sufficient knowledge in new technologies will help recruiters place candidates much more efficiently in the long run.

Safeguard your business

The pandemic has put into perspective how important it is for recruiters to safeguard their information online for industry survival. You can’t have important documents here, there and everywhere, especially since GDPR came into play. Because of the industry change in 2020, recruiters are discovering that they need to have the right security and tech in place to succeed.

Rather than having one primary computer where everything is sourced, it’s time to look into a cloud-based recruitment CRM, which most main CRM providers will be able to offer. This will mean all your data can be stored in one CRM system on the cloud (internet software), so if you have access, it will be easy to get the information you need all in one convenient place. Saving time and money whilst seamlessly following all the latest data protection guidelines.

Streamline your remote recruitment process

Monitor industry trends

Use relevant industry news sources such as Recruiter News, Recruiting Times, Onrec and the Rocket Blog to keep up to date with the changes in recruitment. You can guarantee that with the current uncertainty and a digital need to do everything online, there will be new and exciting trends to follow on a weekly basis.

Using Mobile Rocket to supercharge your recruitment

In these difficult times we realise that as recruiters, you still need to be compliant when registering and inducting candidates. The recruitment industry has had to adopt new methods of working and adapt its processes to enable us all to work at arm’s length. With a Mobile Rocket app, your candidates can Register, upload ID, Timesheets, Complete other Documents and more.

At Mobile Rocket we have just launched the latest e-sign software so that recruiters can use this remotely through their own branded app that can either stand alone or, it can seamlessly integrate with your own CRM System. If you want to know more check out our Rocket Induction Brochure Here >

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