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7 Ways to Automate Recruitment & Set up for Success

Let’s face it, as a recruiter you are very busy and a lot of your precious time can be filled up with ‘busy tasks’ which take time away from improving your recruitment experience and finding the right talent. Temp recruiters are busier than most so will benefit from automated solutions that will take their recruitment to the next level.

Did you know 60% of companies consider improving candidate experience as top priority. Can you afford to fall behind? (Source – Aptitude Research)

1. Create communication templates

Once a candidate registers for work, you need to create a flow of communication, which can be set up in different ways to automatically communicate with candidates through their job search.

So what are communication templates? These can be emails, texts, LinkedIn messages, phone scripts or any other communication you put in place which will be sent to multiple candidates. Got a new candidate? Set up an email automation to send a welcome pack to let them know everything about the business. There are many automations you can test to see what works. Don’t be put off by how long you think it will take to set this up, once in place you will be set up for success and will ultimately save a lot of precious time.

38% of recruiters rank email as their preferred outreach method over phone, text and Linkedin InMails.

2. Nurture candidates to filter talent

Filtering candidates to fit the right roles is essential and it’s as imperative to nurture candidates (especially the best ones) in order for them to continue using your services. Not only will creating communication templates help you function faster (from the point above) but will filter out the good from the not so good candidates. For temp recruiters this will mean that they will be able to quickly and easily place candidates in the right roles at the right time.

77% of recruiters say it takes up to two emails to get a candidate to engage. If you nurture candidates the right way, you can automate a candidates initial communication instead of spending a lot of time outreaching.

3. Targeted Job Postings

Recruiters know that finding the right candidates for the right role starts from the job posting. If your candidates have specified what type of job they are looking for during registration, you should automate who these new listings are shared with which can prove to be beneficial for attracting the right talent as well as developing a strong pipeline of qualified candidates.

Not only that but you can look at using digital advertisements to automate your job listings all over the internet (paid ads, social media ads etc.) so you can target the right candidates and save money with low return on investment.

52% of talent acquisition leaders say the hardest part of recruitment is screening candidates from a large applicant pool. (Ideal.com) Automating your job postings can help narrow candidates down without wasting too much time.

Streamline your recruitment process

4. Recruit on the go

Recruitment doesn’t stop when you walk away from the computer. If you have a mobile friendly website or even better, mobile app you can always capture candidates information while they are on the move.

If you have a mobile friendly interface, candidates can easily register or contact you on the go. This will save a lot of time when it comes to candidate discovery and vetting. In fact, our new registration and induction system can help your recruitment reach new heights! Discover how you can recruit on the go here >

5. Take on AI for recruitment

In recent years Artificial Intelligence (AI) has come a long way and is now being used in recruitment to automate certain processes so recruiters can use their time to change the face of recruiting and grow a better candidate pool. You can use AI to help match candidates to the right job role and you can use AI to speak with your candidates to collect information such as their CV and qualifying information. This is specifically used on recruitment websites and can now be implemented on social media chat bots. This can be a great way for recruiters to get information from candidates without having to speak with them directly.

76% of recruiters believe that AI’s impact on recruiting will be significant. (LinkedIn)

6. Choose the right CRM System

If you want to streamline your recruitment further, you must choose the right CRM that allows you to create systems and dashboards to drive candidates into the right job. Every CRM can offer their own unique way to manage your candidates so it’s important to shop around to see who can offer what you need.

In a report from TalentLyft, it’s said that 68% of recruiting professionals say that using a CRM system has improved the quality of candidates that they hire.

Top CRM systems that a Mobile Rocket app can integrate seamlessly with include:

  • Bullhorn
  • Eclipse
  • Microdec
  • Salesforce
  • Access
  • in-house systems
  • Vincere

7. Interview follow-up reminders

In today’s digital world It’s important to offer new ways for interviewing candidates, whether that’s on the phone, on zoom or any other other digital platforms available. Regardless of how this works in your business, you must set automated reminders to follow up with the candidate. That way you can assess if the candidate is a right fit for the job and offer a consistent personalised candidate experience.

If recruiters use automation it will increase productivity, enhance the candidate experience, reduce the time to hire and improve the overall quality of hiring. Follow our simple steps and start automating your recruitment today.

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