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7 Valuable Ways To Gain More Candidates In 2021

We are nearly a year into Covid-19, has your recruitment agency been affected by the new restrictions the industry is facing? If your answer is yes then we have got the solution for you to gain more candidates in 2021. Read on to find more and how we can help you streamline your recruitment process.


In today’s competitive world, emailing prospects is still still something all agencies should be doing. Ideally you should be using it throughout your entire recruitment process, from emailing new candidates about new job opportunities or to long time ones ensuring everything is going smoothly etc.

You don’t have to stop there, using popular email platforms such as Mailchimp for email campaigns allows you to set up automations, where by depending on what qualities your candidates have, they could be put into an email automation that will eventually help onboard them quicker than doing everything manually.

In fact, according to Mailchimp, The average email open rate for the recruiting and staffing industry is 21.14% and the average clicks are 2.53% which are a lot higher than a lot of other industries.


LinkedIn can be a hugely missed opportunity if you are not not utilising the platform to its full potential. Ensure your profile is up to scratch and connect with your prospects. Even if you connect with someone that doesn’t know you, you will have around one in four chances of them accepting your connection. If you send a personalised message request on LinkedIn, prospects will be even more likely to accept.

A lot of active users on LinkedIn are in fact passive candidates, which means if you can find the right connections, there will be less competition to find new fitting candidates for a role which can save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

Video Messaging

Creating personalised videos to send to prospects is a create way to introduce yourself and the company culture if. This could be a great alternative to a cold call. With video you will likely see a better open rate and there are many great video tools you can use out there such as Vidyard which is a free tool to use.

Recruiters can use video messaging at any stage of the recruitment process to help onboard candidates quicker. You can use personalised videos to introduce new candidates to a job role, next you can create a video message to send a formal offer for a job.

Lastly you could even send a video message to the employee that’s been hired and outline what will happen next and even show them what their schedule will be like in the first couple of day in the new role.

Personalised video messages can be carried out over zoom but if you are wanting to send the same sort of message to multiple candidates, you could record and send in bulk to save a lot of time.

Streamline your recruitment process


Once you have sent emails, connected with prospects on LinkedIn and even video messaged them, they will make cold calling much easier because if you have already touched base through another way, the prospect will recognise who you are which will make it easier to establish a better working relationship.

Improve your job descriptions

Generating more prospective candidates isn’t always about targeting them directly. If you are posting on job boards you need to try and ensure your job description is targeting the right people. Make sure that you clearly state the essential vs good skills to know and that the title and description is straight to the point. You can find out more about how to write job ads that target the best candidates here.

Optimise your website

Another way to gain more candidates is keeping up with the digital trend, more and more millennials who have grown up with technology make up the majority of the job market. Your website has to be seamless and allow new candidates to register effectively, not only on desktop but on their mobile device too because this is where you will most likely gain the most registrations.

These days it’s not enough to cold call, send emails and post job descriptions, you need to be available 24 hours a day which is what a decent website can offer. If you are looking for a new recruitment website, check out what we can offer you here >

Discover new technology

Don’t stop there… Registering candidates face to face is harder than ever. You might find yourself in a tricky situation and have to reduce the amount of candidates you can see. We don’t want you to reduce your prospects, so wouldn’t you prefer a solution that not only frees up your time, but that can help you register even more candidates from any device at any time of day?

Our e-Sign system allows you to do just that! If you want a streamlined solution, don’t hesitate to book a free demo with us.

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