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6 Clever Recruitment Sales Tactics You Can Learn from YouTube

6 Clever Recruitment Sales Tactics You Can Learn from YouTube

I’ve been providing sales tips and tactics to recruiters keen to brush up on their sales skills. But whilst reading about recruitment sales in blogs is fun, sometimes you just need to see these techniques in action!

We can learn a lot about sales from watching videos rather than reading, so I thought I’d put together this list of the best recruitment sales skills you can learn from YouTube videos – and which ones to watch.

1. Eliminating the brush-off during calls

This video focuses on cold calling, when you’re picking up the phone to make a call, (we still think the phone is a great tool in sales) there’s always a chance you might be given the brush-off.
David Stephen Patterson, an online recruitment trainer, shows you how to have a successful first conversation with a prospect – even when they’re not expecting your call.


2. Negotiating like an FBI Agent

Learning from the FBI about how they approach hostage negotiation might sound a bit far-fetched when you’re talking about recruitment sales. But everything is transferable!
In this video, CEO of the Black Swan Group and former FBI hostage negotiator, Christopher Voss, shows you how to use hostage negotiation techniques to build better relationships with your clients and walk away with better deals. Definitely worth a watch


3. Creating a niche target calling list

Choosing who to target in your outreach before you begin warming them up is key to a successful recruitment sales strategy that doesn’t waste anyone’s time.
In this video, Dee Williams shows you how to build a winning target list that you can convert into a lucrative client list and set yourself up as a ‘recruiter worth knowing’ (RWK) in your niche.


4. Having better conversations with clients

Do you ever get the feeling your prospects aren’t even listening to you when you get them on the phone? It’s frustrating, but don’t give up – you can have better conversations with clients simply by changing the way you speak.
In this TED Talk, Julian Treasure shows you how to speak in a way that makes people actually want to listen. You’ll learn the ‘seven deadly sins of speech’ to avoid and speak more powerfully using the ‘four cornerstones’ that help us get heard.


5. Speeding up the recruitment process

Before you say “this isn’t a sales tip” don’t forget: time kills all deals and this is especially true in today’s candidate-short market.
In this YouTube vid, Hannah Keep explains why it’s so important to speed up your deals and shows you how you can work with your clients to get things moving before you both lose the candidate entirely.


6. Selling your candidate shortlist

Let me set the scene: you’ve made your sales call, you’ve taken on a job, you’ve shortlisted several candidates and you’re about to send CVs over to the hiring manager…but wait! According to Sungo Kuwanam, you’re not done selling yet.
Before your send those CVs over, pick up the phone and sell the candidates in to your client. Tell them why you’re putting these particular candidates forward so they’re convinced before they’ve even taken a look.
In this video, Sungo explores why you need to do more than just send CVs to your recruitment clients and how to confidently sell candidates in instead.


2020 is going to be a great year in recruitment, hopefully these videos will be the boost you need to get your sales off to a great start.

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