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5 Valuable Ways To Generate More Sales Leads In 2020

I’m going to show you five ways to generate more sales leads this year with a prospecting campaign.

Generate more sales leads #1: Email should drive the entire campaign.

In today’s world of selling sending emails to prospects is one of the most effective ways to generate interest, to generate meetings.

Make email the first process, the first step in the prospecting campaign. And then everything else is going to support around sending those prospecting emails.

Generate more sales leads #2: LinkedIn connections.

This is a huge missed opportunity if you are not making LinkedIn connections with your prospects because the data shows even if you send a random LinkedIn connection to someone that doesn’t know you, you still have about a one in four chance of having them accept your connection. Send a personalised request after you send an email.

Generate more sales leads #3: Prospecting calls.

Many sales reps are starting their prospecting process with the cold call…

…but it’s much more difficult than if you’re making a call after you’ve sent them a couple of emails, and you’ve made that LinkedIn request, and if you get them on the phone now they’re much more likely to know who you are. And that makes the call instead of a cold call it makes it a warm call.

Generate more sales leads #4: Letter writing

This is as old school as it gets, yet writing letters is a lost art. For so many years, everyone was sending letters to prospects. Nowadays, nobody is sending letters. It’s a potent tool.

Print off a letter and hand write the address on a nice bright coloured envelope.

Generate more sales leads #5: Video messaging

Adding video to your outreach will not only personalise your message, but it will also help drive better engagement and boost response rates. Vidyard is a free tool to use and will help you embed video messages into your email/social media messaging.

My advice would be generate a lead list of 20 prospects, then systematically do each of the above over a 7-10 day period.

Track the results, then look to scale.

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