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5 Future Of Work Trends As Lockdown Eases

As the ‘final’ lockdown eases in the UK and many of us are getting back to normality, what does the future of work look like for the recruitment industry? As a recruiter you must keep up to date with the changes because recruitment will never be how it used to, technology and a new way of life has trickled down into the recruitment industry.

Some of the top trends to be aware of that are happening now are:

More need for temp workers

32% of companies are replacing full-time employees with temp workers as a cost-saving measure. That has shown in the past 6 months as the temp industry has seen a boom. That’s not all, as we slowly ease out of lockdown (hopefully for the last time) the trend for temp candidates is here to stay so recruitment agencies must up their recruitment game if they want to succeed.

To keep up with demand you must ensure your entire recruitment process is up to scratch. We will talk more about how you can do this in the technology trend section but your timesheets, clock in clock out system and shift booking all need to be efficient and ideally remote.

Increase in employer health support

Because of the impact covid has had on everyone’s lives, some more than others, employers will expand their involvement in employees’ lives to support them through financial and mental health issues as the pandemic eases and beyond.

The pandemic has highlighted mental health more within the workplace and because of this more companies are highlighting the benefits of working at the company they find candidates for more often.

Expand the use of technology

For a long time now technology has played a huge role in improving our everyday lives. It may not come as a shock to you that since covid, the need to use technology more and more within the recruitment sector has become a priority to not only save recruiters time, but to source top candidates.

Since covid we have developed a streamline easy to use candidate management system where you can not only manage candidates, shifts and timesheets but you can manage everything remotely and still be fully compliant! Find out more and get a free 14 day trial of our system here >

Streamline your remote recruitment process

Remote working is here to stay

Working from home won’t work for every industry, but those that can offer a work from home office will do so more to reduce business costs and to be able to hire the right people from further afield.

A staggering 48% of employees will likely work remotely once covid is over according to Gartner research. This is almost a 20% increase compared to pre pandemic levels.

Communication will change forever

Those working from home will have to communicate with colleagues digitally, via Zoom, Teams, or some other form of online communication. Even those going back to work will have to continue abiding by social distancing rules so video calls, email, and live chats will continue to grow.

Other kinds of workers such as warehouse and engineering will have to use technology to communicate their shifts, employee contracts etc. Messaging services are predicted to become even more popular throughout 2021. In the first 6 months of 2020 1.6 billion messages were sent via cloud software services, up by 53% from the previous 6 months.

What trends are you seeing within the recruitment industry that are here to stay?

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