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5 creative ways to attract the best talent

Finding the right candidates can be tricky in a highly competitive world. Not only do you need the right candidates to apply for the job, you need to fill vacancies fast! When was the last time you took a look at your recruitment process to see how you can improve it? Your recruitment process all starts with how you attract candidates and attracting candidates the right way will help you save time to attract the candidates you need for the available roles.

Using video

Ever since the pandemic hit last year, video has become a key tool within many agencies recruiting process, but do you still utilise this? Yes you can use Zoom and Microsoft Teams to initially interview candidates, which saves time initially but you can also use videos for so much more.

Record videos about the company culture candidates are going to work for, you can even present a little job description in a video and post it to your social media channels to attract more candidates! You don’t need any fancy equipment, you can do everything on your phone these days, but the more creative you are, the more you will stand out from other industry competition.

Make your listings easy to read

If a candidate reads your job description and is still unsure what they’ll be doing, they will probably not apply. This also includes the job title, something that candidates can relate too straight away will attract the right people.

A handy list to include on your job listings include:

  • Review the job title
  • Write a job description
  • Split essential with good to know skills
  • Personalise the ad to your target audience

You can review more about how to write job descriptions here >

Don’t forget to proofread the job ad before you post it too!

Capture your target market

You might be surprised as this can change over years as a new generation starts to make up the majority of the workforce.

Think about the roles you are targeting and who your target market is. If you have been in the recruiting game for a while, you will know what skills and traits your candidates should have to be successful on the job. Tailor your marketing to that specific target market.

Not only that but you should consider targeting passive candidates, you can check out more here. This might be more costly at first but after checking out our top tips, you should be able to qualify better quality candidates through passive candidate targeting which will save you a lot of time in the future.

Streamline your recruitment process

Ask for referrals immediately

As soon as a candidate gets the job, they are a prime contact so you can see if they know anyone with the same/ similar skill set of any future roles you are placing. The most effective employee referral schemes will make sure that employees will see a financial reward for securing qualified candidates for the agency.

Let’s face it, you will go through a lot of candidates who are not the right fit, and you have to utilise those who are the right fit, so what better way than getting those to refer you to more candidates!

Make applying for the job easy

As a Temp Recruiter you aim to get the most qualified candidates registered in the shortest amount of time. Not only should your vacancies be easy to digest, you should take a step back and look at your registration process every couple of months to see if you can make improvements.

Our latest technology allows you to do just that, you can remotely access candidates data, from any device, anywhere, any time which is fully compliant and our e-Reg technology allows candidates to remotely sign documents, to save you pushing paper! Discover more with our new Temp Hero system here >

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