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5 Creative Ideas Agencies Can Use For Their Blogs

Blogging is one of the best ways to engage with candidates.

Blogging boost’s engagement, dives traffic to your website, generates more leads and it doesn’t cost anything!

However, one of the hardest aspects of blogging is coming up with ideas. So today we going to suggest five blog post ideas that will engage your candidates.

Don’t make these CV mistakes…
There’s lots of posts out there about this, but there’s nothing wrong with you putting your own spin on it to make it stand out. This goes for other blog post ideas like ‘three things you should never do in an interview’ or ‘questions you may be asked in a sales interview’. As long as you make it your own, readers shouldn’t have a problem with it as they can often be the most popular posts and attract the most attention.

How to climb the ladder in your career
No matter your goals or career field, you can create tips and ideas that will help your audience make their way up that ladder faster.
This can be adapted to any industry and will engage your candidates if you’re talking about a sector which they work in as most people are interested in their own professional development.

The best LinkedIn profile tips to help you stand out.
There are so many variants of this blog post circulating the industry, but it’s something everyone can relate to whether you’re a jobseeker or not. Often, recruiters can give good advice on LinkedIn or other social media profiles as they have experience of what works and what doesn’t so it’s a post which could go down very well on your blog.

Top Tips For A Job In…
I think this is something that candidates would engage with and be interested in. If you were looking for a job as an Account Executive, then why wouldn’t you click on a post called ‘top tips for a job as an AE’? You could also leave links to your current AE jobs at the end of the blog post to encourage visitors to click through.

Industry Related Content
Important topics will arise in any industry and it’s something that your candidates should be interested in. It goes without saying that big news in the world of healthcare may not be as interesting to someone looking for a job in sales so different recruitment agencies will have different news topics to talk about on their blogs. Your candidates can then use this information in interviews or just as general knowledge.

All these blog post ideas can be adapted to your agency depending on your culture, size, sector or whether you recruit permanent, temporary or contract employees. There is also a plethora of other blog post ideas out there which you can draw inspiration from so there’s no excuse not to get writing!

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