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5 Best Recruitment App Features

Recruitment resides in a highly competitive market and most fail because they find it difficult to keep up with candidates in a digital world. Here at Mobile Rocket, we have been supporting the recruitment industry for over two decades now and have seen the landscape change in many different ways.

You may be sick of hearing about covid now but as a result of this, the recruitment industry is changing once again and more agencies are discovering that the only way to survive is to become more digitally focused than ever before. With that in mind we have pulled together our top recruitment app features that have successfully progressed recruitment agencies during covid and will continue to do so in a newly shaped future.

Top recruitment app features:

Registration & Induction System

Our new registration & induction technology provides a quick and easy solution to register and induct candidates right from your very own app or on your smartphone. You can upload or build your own induction forms, training and onboarding system online which candidates can easily sign off using our latest e-signature technology. It’s really as simple as that!

Benefits include:

– Registration form builder
– ID verification & checking
– Digital Signing

E-Signature Technology

We offer the newest e-signature technology so candidates can electronically sign terms, contracts and forms securely and become compliant at any time of the day. This is an ideal remote solution for any recruitment agency!

Benefits of our e-sign technology include:

– It’s Convenient
– Compliant and accurate
– Always Available

Timesheets CTA

Online Timesheets

Recruiters can now monitor candidates working compatibility with our new, easy to use online timesheet technology, all in your own branded mobile app. This recruitment app feature allows candidates to clock in/out of work and even pause for breaks. Then the recruiter and agency can login to the system at the end of the day or week and approve the candidates hours with one simple click.

Benefits include:

– Reduced risk of late/ lost timesheets
– Completed & approved all online
– Collects accurate information

Integrated Job Boards

Easily integrated job boards will mean that all of your available jobs and shifts can always be at candidates fingertips. This provides a quick and simple solution to fill all available shits because candidates can access everything on to go at any time.

Benefits include:

– Integrated Job Board
– A Quick way to apply
– Easy to use solution

Candidate Availability

Our shift availability app feature allows candidates to update their availability calendar with the days, hours and even shift patterns directly within your app. This provides flexibility to work when it’s convenient for them and can be picked up by the recruiter any time of day.

Benefits include:

– Configure your shift patterns
– Simpler shift booking
– Availability reminders

That’s not all, here at mobile rocket we offer even more technology that will improve your digital presence even further. With a Mobile Rocket app you can also get additional features such as Push Notifications, Candidate Tracking and Self Serve Shift Management. If you want to find out more, you can request a free demo here >

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