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4 ways to simplify remote recruiting

Remote recruiting has become huge in recent months, a term we probably weren’t as familiar with pre 2020 but one we have all come to adapt to. If you are still unfamiliar with this term, remote recruitment involves finding and hiring candidates who are located elsewhere. It’s been discovered that 74% of businesses that are still hiring during COVID have changed their recruitment practices to keep up with a changing demand.

So how can you simplify remote recruiting for the long term?

1. Decide how you will remote hire

With the need to work from home, the digital market has become saturated with loads of companies that are offering similar solutions. Have you set up a digital recruiting process yet? If we rewind back to December Zoom, which is one of the top video conferencing platforms out there had an average of 10 million daily users, only four months later this jumped up to 300 million users and has seen a steady increase throughout the pandemic to date.

Other similar platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Google Meet increased users by 70% in the first month of lockdown but as it stands, Zoom marginally comes on top. These tools offer different features to suit your business needs to make sure you check out all the top used video conferencing apps before you jump in. For recruiters we would recommend either Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

In today’s recruiting world, you must have a remote phone system set up, even if you work from the office just in case any unpredictable government changes come into force and we all have to work from home again. Setting up a cloud based phone system (VoIP platform) can allow recruiters to connect to the same phone system, over a simple app or on desktop and will be a most cost effective way to operate from home and even at work.

2. Keep information digital

Even if you are still using paper forms, sending them out to candidates or dropping them off, for the past couple of years now, even before the pandemic digital forms have been the easiest solution for candidates to register and apply for a job. Because you may not even be able to physically meet candidates now to see if they are right for the job, you should consider creating a candidate digital information pack to find out if candidates are the right fit, even before an initial video call. This pack should include:

  • Information about your company.
  • What candidates should expect from your new digital interview process.
  • Technology the candidate needs for the interview process (Video conferencing apps such as Zoom).
  • Who to contact during the interview process.
  • Anything else that is essential for candidates to know during the interview process (after all every recruitment company is different).

Streamline your recruitment process

3. Become available on all platforms

To make it easy for candidates to register and apply for jobs remotely, there are a couple of key things to get right so you can make your recruiting process as seamless as possible.

Make it easy for candidates to register and apply through a desktop, or a mobile device. If you have your remote working all set up and running, this will be useless if you don’t have the website and online forms to coincide with this. This might mean you need further IT support to solve any bugs you may have or even hire a digital marketer to outline everything that should be improved so you can ensure candidates will continue to register. Test the forms yourself on every device (computer, mobile and tablet) Can you see any improvements or bugs?

Mobile is huge, 58 percent of job seekers look for new opportunities on their phones. So if your website is not mobile friendly you won’t only offer a poor candidate experience but Google will rank your website lower than other competing companies (because Google favours mobile over desktop these days). If you are looking to level up your recruitment process have you considered getting a mobile app?

Here at Mobile Rocket we know how revolutionary our mobile apps have been for recruitment agencies. We have provided a quick and streamline solution to onboard candidates quickly and easily from anywhere. If you want to find out more, check out what solutions we can offer here >

4. Communication is key

Working from home can have its challenges, it can be hard to navigate a changing recruitment landscape with your colleagues if you are not in the same workspace as them. It’s essential to take some time aside to schedule a company conference call at least once a day to catch up with what everyone is doing. This will boost productivity on a daily basis and keep the whole company in check to successfully place as many candidates as possible. This may take out more time out of your workday but in the world we live in, it’s essential to keep on top of everything going on and this will work out better in the long run.

If you only have a temp set up to work from home, it might be worth thinking about all of these remote ways recruiters can work from home in the long term.

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