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4 Ways To Expand Your Digital Network

2021 is in full swing now and as we slowly approach the end of January, you might be starting to think of new ways to network because face to face networking is a thing of the past (well for now at least). Are you utilising digital networking to keep candidates flowing?

Here are our top tips on how you can take advantage of digital networking:

Utilise LinkedIn

LinkedIn is probably the biggest digital platform that recruiters can use to expand their network and find more candidates. It can be used like a digital CV but you need to understand how to utilise this platform in order to expand your network. A couple of key ways you can do this include:

Update your profile

It may have been a minute since you checked your own profile. It’s always best to review your profile every now and then and make sure it has these key elements: A professional profile picture, a header image that stands out and a relevant, yet catchy summary about yourself (this could make or break someone sending a connection request, so stand out). Don’t forget to make sure your experience and qualifications are up to date and receiving recommendations from work colleagues will give your profile a little more trustability.

Connect to everyone you know

Did you know that everyday friends can be a great source of referrals? If your friends and family have LinkedIn, don’t be afraid to add them to your network. Chances are they might know someone who could be a right fit for your active roles.

Share industry relevant content & join recruitment groups

Share content that you think will interest or benefit your network. If you share relevant content relating to recent recruitment news for example, it will help grow your network in a specific niche. Not only that but did you know there are a lot of recruitment LinkedIn groups out there that you should join? In these you can connect with more people, share others’ content and have your own opinion, it all builds to your trustworthiness.

Engage with your existing network

It’s not enough to share content and push new jobs out in front of people and expect your network to grow. Any social media platform is a two way street and if you receive comments, reply to them, see an article you have an option on? Start discussing it. Two way conversations can be a great way to keep expanding your network.

Timesheets CTA

Keep and eye out for upcoming networking events (virtually)

When the recruitment agency expo came around in October they held a ‘virtual’ event where recruiters could come together onto one platform. Although it wasn’t as beneficial as being at the event in the NEC, it did open up the recruitment world to new online networking possibilities.

Onrec, Recruiting Daily, Recruiter and Recruiting Headlines are some of the recruitment news sites you should follow on a daily basis, and networks you will probably find out about new and upcoming events from. Much like any networking opportunity, you need to be active in the industry to hear about them.

Network on other Social Media channels

As we’ve mentioned before, social media is great to target candidates, but that’s not all, it can be a great way to expand your network too. When networking on other social media channels other than LinkedIn, consider building your social presence, avoid the hard sell and focus on quality over quantity. If what you post is useful for your followers, you will begin to grow your network.

Check out our strategies for recruiting on social media here >

Utilise existing candidates

Candidates that you already have in your database can help expand your recruiting network. Within their own network they may know people who would be a great candidate for a job you are advertising. Whether these potential candidates are actively job seeking or passive candidates, don’t rule out your existing network while looking for new candidates.

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