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4 Tasks Recruiters Need To Prioritise This December

For many industries, December is a slow month. For recruitment, companies are less likely to hire before the Christmas break and Christmas temp jobs have almost been filled in advance by now. Throw COVID-19 into the mix and you might be thinking, what now?

December can be an opportunity to not only continue hiring, but to also step up your recruiting efforts in more ways so you are set for the new year.

Continue recruiting

Don’t let the festive season stop you from recruiting, candidates don’t stop applying because most people take a break this time of year. Right now the job market is less competitive so use this to your advantage!

Other reasons to continue stepping up your recruitment in December include:

Candidates will have increased availability – Candidates might be using the rest of their annual holiday entitlement around Christmas time and because of the pandemic, they will most likely not be going anywhere. This opens up an opportunity for recruiters to onboard more candidates as more people could be looking.

Candidates are considering more options – December can be an expensive month and a time where people start thinking about their salaries and a fresh start for January. Because of this people will probably start looking for new opportunities in December when they have more time.

Better training for new starters – December is generally a quieter time, for new starters this can mean that there will be more time to train them for the job before the market picks back up again! This means that it’s a good time for recruiters to update their candidate pool for new available jobs before the new year kicks in.

Automate for when you are not there

Many of us take a break during Christmas and New Year but this doesn’t stop candidates looking for new opportunities when they have more time on their hands. Have you considered automating your recruitment so when you are not available there will always be ongoing possibilities to gain more candidates?

Simple improvements such as creating communication templates or setting up automated emails to keep the communication flowing between candidates and yourself will mean that you will have things in the pipeline ready for when you return back to the office (or home working environment).

If you are looking for more ways to automate recruitment so you can spend more time on managing candidates and enjoying the festive season, check out our 7 ways to automate recruitment here.

Timesheets CTA

Prepare for a busy January

As you know, in recruitment January is a busy time. Many people think ‘new year new me’ and want a fresh start. Not only that but January can mean new budgets and strategies come into place. Take a leap ahead of the competition and prepare even more for the busy month to come.

You should take the time to not only to find new ways to source candidates but find new ways to improve your whole process. Has the pandemic slowed your existing recruitment strategy down? Review all your online capabilities to see what improvements could be made. Need a better virtual setup for candidate interviews? Look for alternative solutions. Anything you can do right now will only help your efforts when the market becomes even more competitive.

Take this time to upgrade your recruitment

Now is the time to upgrade your recruitment strategy. If this year is anything to go by, digital efficiency is something all recruiters need to come to terms with. As mentioned previously, December is the time where you should look at new ways to improve your entire recruitment process and lucky for you we have the perfect solution to get you going!

Our new e-sign technology allows recruiters to stay in control and collect eSignatures from candidates quickly, securely and remotely from any device, anywhere, anytime. This not only offers a remote solution as a result of the pandemic for recruiters but it will help save a lot of time because there is no need to use paper documents, everything is securely collected on your own system.

You can discover more about about our eSignature technology here >

There are so many opportunities in December for recruiters to keep stepping up their efforts. Are you looking to get ahead of the competition and take a fresh new approach now before everyone follows suit in January?

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